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Boarding Tips

Boarding Check in Times are  Mon-Fri 7am-5:30p, Sat & Sun 8am-4:30pm

Happy Doggie Day Kamper

  • FOOD 

We recommend you bring your Pets food to avoid any dietary upset such as diarrhea. Food Should be placed in a marked seal-able, small, [similar to ziplock baggie or tupperware] non-breakable container,  This helps with spillage and food loss. Also No glass or ceramic dishes. If you prefer we are happy to provide our Quality Brand food of Lamb and Rice. Meal plans are $4 per day per pet.


It is ok to bring a small blanket for your pet. However our cost includes bed, blankets and dishes.  All bedding must be able to fit in the den on the pads and allow room for your pet to move around comfortably and must be machine washable. **No sofa or tufted style beds**.  Also we ask, due to flea and tick concerns,  please do not bring outside beds from home to pet resort. **We are not responsible for bedding damaged by pets, or items left for more than 2 weeks. Pets are permitted to have 1 small toy or small chew bone, no marrow large bones, please. Items need to be machine washable or dishwasher safe.  Please do not bring bedding or toys that you would regret if it became damaged, as some dogs can experience stress and anxiety while boarding and they may tear up beds and toys.  All crates need prior approval.


We require a current copy of your pets up to date vaccination[48 hours prior to boarding] All vaccines must be administered by a certified Veterinarian. Our Vaccine Requirements are as follows

  • Canine vaccines: Rabies, Distemper-parvo [DHpp] and Bordetella [intranasal].

  • Feline vaccines:   Rabies, FVRCP, and Feline Leukemia.

*We do not accept self administered vaccines or vaccines from other kennels

  • DAILY SCHEDULE & Helpful information for boarding pets
  • Our Daily schedule for your pets while they are boarding with us is a busy one!
  • 7am Morning Outing: we all go outside or to day kamp for our morning duty call and exercise.
  • 7:45-8am Breakfast; we bring everyone in for breakfast. their morning treats, and medications etc.
  • 9:30am-4pm Outside play time or Dogs attending Kamp, Grooming or have a TLC walking package will be done during this time frame
  • 4-4:30p Supper time: The dinner bell is Ringing!
  • Quiet time and Bed Time, our last outing for the night begins at 7:30pm to 9:45pm! Then it is night, night time at the resort!
  • Your Welcome to call us anytime to check on your pet.
  • In order to save time at check in see our rates page for our PDF consent and medical release forms to print at home, fill out and bring with you.

We thank you in advance for allowing us to care for your pet!
Steve & Karen Butler-owners

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